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Re: Happy Birthday Supersysscvi!

Thank you, Pinkcat Flower! ^^ I had a pleasant day, and hopefully Rune Factory 4 will be pleasant, too. ^^;
by supersysscvi
29 Jun 2014, 00:13
Forum: Citizen News
Topic: Happy Birthday Supersysscvi!
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Re: Ranks as of currently! (06/09/14)

Congratulations to Keera for reaching the rank of Backyard Settler! :D
by supersysscvi
09 Jun 2014, 17:14
Forum: Citizen News
Topic: Ranks as of currently! (07/03/14)
Replies: 44
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Re: Weekly HM Quest!

:3 I caught a fishy! ^^ Good memories with that fishing spot. It's kinda a sunset. But, um, no sun, as it just started to rain. o.o;; ^^; But I liked the ocean shot.
by supersysscvi
10 Feb 2013, 04:19
Forum: Contest Posting
Topic: Weekly HM Quest!
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Re: Weekly HM Quest Entry Form

Nickname: Supersysscvi Photo: Description of item: Wind-up chick toy I found in a dumpster behind a store. Poor thing broke its foot, so I glued it back together. Still missing a piece. .///. Also, the talons have k...
by supersysscvi
08 Feb 2013, 20:15
Forum: Contest Posting
Topic: Weekly HM Quest Entry Form
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Re: Anyone play the new Kingdom Hearts 3DS?

Um, I've never played The World Ends With You , so I found it cool that they weren't just using Final Fantasy characters. Not that that's bad or anything. I do like Kingdom Hearts. And Final Fantasy. Um... :X I don't know how the Flomation works later in the game, but seeing as I've only been level ...
by supersysscvi
05 Aug 2012, 22:56
Forum: Other Games
Topic: Anyone play the new Kingdom Hearts 3DS?
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Intro of Supersysscvi

Hello. I am Suppersysscvi, currently attempting to get a Digital Arts degree from BGSU. (Bowling Green State University, if anyone needs to google it. :X Just a liberal arts school.) I did the coding for the website. :X Which I still need to work on, but at the moment I'm pretty... well, I'll work o...
by supersysscvi
05 Aug 2012, 22:45
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Intro of Supersysscvi
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